Resources for Farmers

Example of food safety plan:


Questions that may need to be answered by your FS plan:


Automated tool is being updated; When back online:


Penn State Extension “Write a Food Safety Plan”:


Template for “Field Operations and Harvesting” Good Agricultural Practices plan:


Template for Harmonized Food Safety Plan:


Produce GAP Harmonized Auditor Manual:


A bunch of forms that you can pick and choose from to gather the elements of your Food Safety Plan:


How to get food safety certified?


Writing an SOP worksheet:

What is a traceback log?


Water temperature monitoring:



FDA issued Draft Guidance for Industry on: Classification of Activities as Harvesting, Packing, Holding, or Manufacturing/Processing for Farms and Facilities

This guidance is intended to help you determine which activities that you perform are within the “farm” definition. It helps to determine when an establishment

is required to register with FDA as a “facility,” or is not required to register with FDA because the establishment is a “farm.”


Antibiotic Resistance Video Series

From UC Davis - Western Institute for Food Safety & Security (WIFSS)

Antibiotic Resistance and Dairy Producers (1/4): What is antibiotic resistance?

Antibiotic Resistance and Dairy Producers (2/4): Why should producers care?

Antibiotic Resistance and Dairy Producers (3/4): What is good stewardship?

Antibiotic Resistance and Dairy Producers (4/4): New state and federal law

Creating a farm map using Google Earth (all free!)


Creating a farm map and a lot more using Google Earth Pro (Cornell Small Farms Program):


From Washington State Department of Agriculture, dialogue between farmers and State


Good Agricultural Practices as if someone’s life depended on it, from Cornell University


Interview on GAPs, from the University of Vermont Extension


Food Safety Audit, from University of California Cooperative Extension


Planning for Farm to School Success - Farm to School Food Safety, from Kansas State Research and Extension


Farm to School and the Cost of Food Safety, from the Colorado Farm to School Task Force


Field to Fork: "Farm to Market: Safe Food Handling during Processing and Selling Local Foods", from the North Dakota State University Extension

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